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About the P&C



PO Box 6295, East Perth 6892

Telephone: (08) 9264 4000 Fax: (08) 9264 4948




General Information About the P&C


The Harmony Primary School P&C is a group of volunteers from the school and local community who work to provide Harmony Primary School with:

·services to the school community (eg canteen, uniform shop, Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls, school banking),

·infrastructure and resources to improve the schools  ability to provide a quality education for our children (eg the new play area between the kindy learning areas, educational books and equipment for the library or class rooms, IT equipment and supporting the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen program and Chaplaincy program) and

·social events for children and parents (eg end of year disco, Cockburn Ice Skating and Ladies Movie Night).


The P&C comprises the following sub committees:

·                Canteen

·                Uniform

·                Fundraising

·                Book Club

·                Book Fair

·                School Banking

·                Fete (only in a fete year)


The P&C needs at least 23-48 volunteers each year to stand up and function to its current capacity.  In 2014 the P&C had 71 financial members of which 33 held key positions on the P&C or were members of a sub committee.  As a minimum the roles of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary must be filled for the P&C to stand up.  Without those positions filled the P&C would be dissolved including sub committees which would result in the closure of the canteen and the uniform shop.


The P&C meets monthly at 7pm on the first Wednesday of every month in the school conference room in the administration building.  As a minimum the Executive Committee should attend P&C general meetings.  Anyone is permitted to attend the meetings but only financial members can vote on resolutions.  Financial membership of the P&C is $1 per year.  A quorum of 10 members is required at P&C general meetings.


Sub Committees and Terms of Reference


The P&C may form sub committees to perform specific tasks. In forming a sub committee the P&C delegates the responsibility of management/operation of an amenity, eg canteen, uniform or fundraising to a sub committee. The P&C instructs the sub committee on how it is to operate by adopting instructions called Terms of Reference.

After the required number of sub committee members have been elected (at the initial set up of the sub committee or the start of each year) and the Terms of Reference have been adopted, these sub committee members decide the date and place of the first meeting. At the first meeting of the sub committee a P&C Executive Committee Member is elected.  The President of the P&C is ex officio a member of all committees. (ex officio – by virtue of office or official position -The Macquarie Dictionary).







Sub-Committee Terms of Reference (click to bring up in a new window)
Canteen Uniform Fundraising Book Club
Fete School Banking Book Fair  




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