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School Board Members 2017


The structure of the School Board


The School Board generally comprises up to 15 members:

  • School Principal
  • Four members of the school staff
  • Five members representing the parent community
  • A parent nominated by the P&C
  • Two - Four community members who will be selected by the School Board and invited onto the Board

Parents and community members will comprise the majority membership on the School Board.  This requirement is stipulated in the current Education Act regulations.


Lea Hadley - Principal, Master of Education. Appointed to Harmony PS in 2007. I have 20+ years’ experience as a Principal at a range of metropolitan schools. I value working with a school and its community to achieve the very best for every child who attends Harmony PS. I have a high regard for working together to achieve excellence and value the contribution that the wider community can make to our school and the success of our students.

Jason Pearce (Chairman of the Board) - Harmony Primary School has been a part of my families lives for the past 7 years. This year my eldest daughter will be graduating from Year 6 and my youngest daughter is in Year 4. I have been a member of the School Board since 2012 and have served as Chairman since 2013.

Professionally, I work as the General Manager of the Technology Division at Snowden Mining Industry Consultants. This role exposes me to global technology trends as well as working with an amazing team of software development and industry professionals. I take these skills and experiences to board meetings as I believe a strong understanding of technology is critical to succeed in the modern world.

I am comfortable working with a diverse group of people and bring a logical approach to problem solving.

Berry Johnston - I am a parent to 4 children, with 3 children at Harmony Primary. I am passionate not only about their school based education but also their life long education that can be nurtured through my family, Harmony Primary and the wider community.


I have strong values on the importance of the relationships between the family and a school and feel that through volunteering on the school board I can encourage other families to engage and participate in their child's life long education. School's play such a vital role in the development of children in so many domains, such as literacy and numeracy but they also play a significant role in our children's health and wellbeing. It is in this field of Health and Wellbeing that I feel I can offer expertise and support to Harmony Primary and members of its community.

I am an Occupational Therapist and I run a paediatric practice in Atwell. A large component of this work includes contact with both government and private schools providing support and advice both to teachers, families and children. I can contribute the knowledge and skills I have in the area of child development and health and well-being to the Harmony School Board and consequently would hope to support all children in our community to be healthy and have a good sense of wellbeing. 

Brett Hovingh - I have two young children in years 4 and 2 that attend Harmony Primary School. Whilst recently working in Karratha, I had the pleasure to be a Board member at the newly opened Baynton West Primary School in 2013. I was elected to be the inaugural Chairperson of the Board for a two year term during which I oversaw the development of the School Board's Terms of Reference and Business Plans that identified the performance objectives of the school. I remained on the School Board for a further two years until being relocated back to Perth. 

I am passionate about helping the school community thrive and prepare our young students for the future and believe that sitting on the School Board provides the ability to be involved in the identifying and achieving the required outcomes of the school. I like to assist in developing and subsequently achieving targets to promote and demonstrate success in what we do. 

I work as an electrical engineer within the Energy sector and have skills in Asset Management, Budgeting, Governance, Risk Management and Strategic Planning. I am prepared to continue to put these to use to assist making Harmony Primary school even better.

David Giejsman – I have taught at Harmony Primary School since 2011 in Year 5 and 6, with experience teaching in the distance education system and overseas. In 2016, I commenced my role as Professional Learning Community Support in which I assist teachers in working collaboratively to critically reflect on their students’ learning, and in doing so, the impact of their teaching.

I highly value collaboration among a school and its wider community to ensure that all students are having their individual needs met. Harmony Primary School is an excellent school and I look forward to continue working with the staff and students to help everyone strive for excellence.

Erin Swarbrick - My husband and I have three young boys - Bryce, Lachlan, and Harrison. Bryce and Lachlan currently attend Harmony Primary School in Year One and Kindergarten respectively.

I am an accountant working as the Team Leader of Taxation at the University of Western Australia (on parental leave until July 2016). My role at the University has provided me with exposure to both the education sector and Government financing.

Attending school should be about more than a curriculum - it should be about forming relationships, gaining confidence, and learning life and social skills.  I truly believe that each child has their own learning style, and these differences should guide the way our children are taught at school and at home.  Children should be encouraged to embrace their differences, not feel limited by them.

I believe that my life and career experiences will allow me to make a valuable contribution to the Harmony Primary School Board.
Fred Yasso - My passion is helping people, and this passion has drawn me along a path of learning how to solve problems for people and organisation.  My partner Jennifer Parker and I have five (5) children, four (4) of whom attend Harmony Primary School. Our eldest daughter first attended Harmony in 2006 and she now currently attends Atwell College. Our four other children all attend Harmony and are in Years 6, 4, 2 and Kindy.
I have a Bachelor of Applied Science and Associate Degree from Curtin University and I work as the Service Coordinator of a Specialist Community Mental Health Service which is a part of WA Health. I have worked for both Federal and State Governments for the last 24 years with the last 11 years working in health and mental health. I also have previously sat on the boards of two non-government companies Access Housing Australia Ltd (2009 -2011) and Townsville Aboriginal and Islander Health Service (2011 – 2015).  

Laura Fox-Woodford – I am a part time Kindy teacher at Harmony Primary School and also have three children who attend the school. This is my first year as a member of the school board. I have been teaching at Harmony Primary since 2012 as a relief teacher and part time contract teacher. I have been a teacher for almost twenty years in WA and the NT, mostly in the field of early childhood but also in senior positions and in curriculum.

Although I am on the school board as a staff representative I feel I have the advantage of having both the perspective of teacher and parent. In the short time I have worked at Harmony, I have had the opportunity to see and partake in a variety of programs and initiatives that make it such a successful independent public school.

I very much enjoy working with the staff and my team at Harmony Primary School and feel I can offer a great deal from my experiences in a diverse range of contexts. I am particularly passionate about the Early Years, Health & Physical Education and the Arts. I look forward to contributing to the Harmony school board in 2017.

Leanne O’Kane – I am the Student Services Deputy Principal at Harmony. I commenced at HPS in 2008 and have taught from year 2 to 6 and been an administrator since 2014. Being part of the school leadership team since 2009, I feel privileged to have been part of the ongoing development of this school.

Always striving for excellence, our school provides opportunities for students, staff and families to reach their potential. I am looking forward to continuing being a member of the School Board.

Louise Legerstee - I have been part of the Harmony community since 2010. I work at the school as an Education Assistant. Whilst I sit on the board as a staff representative I have two children, my eldest recently graduated from Harmony whilst my youngest child is in year 4. I have a strong interest in promoting and developing children's health and emotional well-being, so that each child has a strong sense of belonging.

Harmony is lucky to have a strong community of staff, students and parents who are committed to providing the best education possible for each child. I feel privileged that I can continue to contribute to the school's development.

Rachel Shave - I have lived in Harvest Lakes for 4 years and have been a member of Harvest Lakes Residents Association and a Harmony Lake volunteer for 3 years. I have been Secretary of the Association for 18 months.

HLRA has been active since the beginning of the Harvest Lakes community and is integral to it. The Association puts on concerts and works closely with CoC to improve the lives and safety of its members. It revived Harmony Lake.

I feel that it is very important for the HLRA and Harmony PS to work together to benefit the children and residents of our area and to enhance communication and partnership between our two groups.

Samantha Joseph - Parent, Bachelor of Education (K-7)

I have a personal interest in exploring best practices in early childhood education, the integration of information technology across all levels of primary school and environmental sustainability within the school community.

My eldest of three children attends Kindy at Harmony Primary School. I hope to be able to contribute to the future planning and development of the school.

Sheree Martin - I have 4 children currently attending Harmony Primary School, Pippa (Year 5), Jed (Year 2) and twins Tommy and Kemp (Pre Primary). I have previously worked in the legal sector, having completed a Bachelor of Politics and Law as well as a Bachelor of Laws. I am, however, currently helping my husband with our family business, Martins Produce (wholesale Fruit and Vegetable).

I feel extremely privileged to have such an amazing school right at our doorstep and within such a tight-nit community.

Simon Berry - I have three daughters attending Harmony; Grace (Year 5), Mollie (Year 1), and Matilda (Year 1). My son Jack has just completed his primary schooling at Harmony having attended since 2008, which is when my association with Harmony began.

Since that time I have watched the school grow into the proud institution that it is today, benefiting from a passionate teaching body and great community support.

I am a Chartered Accountant holding a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Business Administration, and run a small accounting practice in the area.

I am passionate about the importance of education in providing our children with the opportunities to do whatever they wish to in life and to equip them with the tools to be successful.

Stuart Tarrant - With three children at HPS (Sophia, Luka and Isabelle), my wife, Melissa, and I appreciate the values driven approach to the education programs and our kids simply love the school.

I am a qualified accountant with over 15 years’ experience within senior financial positions held in Perth and London. These positions have included the support of Boards, both listed and non-listed.  The role of the Board is governance and I hope my experience could be of use to Harmony Primary School. The school has already delivered so much for us as a family. I look forward to seeing the students at Harmony continue to develop over the coming years.



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